Institut für Hygiene und Mikrobiologie

Curriculum vitae PD Dr. med. Thiên-Trí Lâm

Curriculum vitae:  
1996-1997 Coordinator of Mbala Open Community Schools (MOCS), Development Aid Project of the Sisters of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary (SSJM) and the Diocese of Mbala-Mpika, Mbala, Zambia
1997-1998/99 Studies in Philosophy, Psychology and French Philology, University of Freiburg
1998-2005 Medical studies at University of Freiburg, Germany; Universidad de Mendoza, Argentina; Université Pierre et Marie Curie (Paris 6), France
2001/2002 Predoctoral fellow, Yale University School of Medicine, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Neurobiology laboratory (C. Leranth’s Lab)
2005 MD awarded by the University of Freiburg, Medical School (summa cum laude)
04/2006-09/2006 Medical assistant Heidelberg University Hospital, Department of Pediatric Oncology, Hematology, Immunology and Pulmonology
2007-2012 Specialist training in „Microbiology, Virology and Infection Epidemiology“, Institute for Hygiene and Microbiology, University of Würzburg
since 2009 National Reference Laboratory for Meningococci and Haemophilus influenzae (NRZMHi)
07/2012-12/2012 Medical assistant at the Department of Tropical Medicine, Medical Mission Hospital Würzburg
2012 Board examination in „Microbiology, Virology and Infection Epidemiology“ (Facharztprüfung “Mikrobiologie, Virologie und Infektionsepidemiologie”), Bayerische Landesärztekammer

Master of Medical Education (MME, University of Heidelberg)


Habilitation/Venia legendi in "Medical Microbiology",
Medical Faculty, University of Wuerzburg (Mentor: Ulrich Vogel)


ABS Experte (DGI)



1997-2005 Full Scholarship of the German National Scholarship Foundation
2000 Scholarship for internships abroad of the State of Baden-Württemberg
2001-2002 Research Scholarship of the Axion Research Foundation


Research Topics:


- Epidemiology of invasive Haemophilus influenzae infections

- Antibiotic resistance in Haemophilus influenzae against β-lactam antibiotics

For further information see: Laboratory Surveillance of Invasive Bacterial Infections

Pubmed-listed publications: publication list Lam TT



For information on teaching at our institute see: Ansprechpartner und Organisation Lehre

I am involved in RAI students, a joint project with the Charité Institute of Hygiene and Environmental Medicine to teach the rational use of antibiotics : RAI students