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    Bacterial capsules


    Many invasive pathogens (pneumococci, meningococci, H. influenzae, E. coli K1) express polysaccharide capsules on their surfaces, which protect them against immune effector mechanisms. Bacteria expressing capsules containing sialic acid are the focus of our studies. These capsules may be immunogenic and used in vaccine formulations. With regard to serogroup B meningococci and E. coli K1, however, only an ineffective immune response is elicited after administration of plain polysaccharide. Our group has worked on phase variation of capsule expression, on the distribution and exchange of capsule synthesis genes among clonal lineages of meningococci, on the genetic basis of substrate specificity of polysialyltransferases, as well as on the modification of polysialic acid by O-acetylation. Our current focus is the detailed analysis of the population biology and function of O-acetyltransferases in serogroup W135 and Y meningococci, as well as in E. coli K1 (collaboration with Martina Mühlenhoff, Hannover).



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