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    Meningokokken und Haemophilus Influenzae

    Daten 2011 (eng)

    Data of the German Reference Centre for Meningococci, 2011


    1) Introduction

    The German Reference Centre for Meningococci (NRZM) is assigned by the RKI to perform laboratory surveillance of invasive meningococcal disease (IMD). In the year 2011 470 samples originating from 394 individuals were processed. The NRZM detected Neisseria meningitidis in 322 individuals, in 307 of them in primary sterile materials (latter figure represents the number of cases with IMD). In contrast, 362 cases of IMD were notified to the RKI as of 16.1.2012, cf. SurvStat@RKI. These figures reflect a decrease of the incidence rate of IMD to 0.44/100,000 (according to notification data) compared to 2010 (0.47/100,000). Since the NRZM reports all processed cases to the local health authorities (irrespective of prior reporting), one can assume that 85% of reported cases were processed by NRZM (this rate was 83% in the previous year). In 47 (of 307) cases verification of IMD was exclusively performed with molecular (non-cultural) methods.

    The gap between the proportions of disease caused by serogroups C (21.2%) and B (68.9%) has slightly widened. The share of serogroup Y and W135 disease remained unchanged with 7.0% and 3.0%, respectively.

    Apart from the serogroup PorA and FetA are important targets for finetyping (see our previous reports from the years 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006).In 2011 130 distinct serogroup-PorA-FetA-combinations (= finetypes) were found. The most common finetypes were B:P1.7-2,4:F1-5 (35 cases, 12.5% of IMD), C:P1.5,2:F3-3 (23, 8.2%), B:P1.7,16:F3-3 (15, 5.3%), C:P1.5-1,10-8:F3-6 (12, 4.3%), and Y:P1.5-2,10-1:F4-1 (10, 3.6%).

    2) Serogroup distribution according to federal states

    3) Serogroup distribution according to age groups

    4) Abundance of PorA types, specified by variable regions VR1 and VR2

    5) Abundance of FetA types

    6) Abundance of common finetypes according to age groups

    7) Antibiotic susceptibility of invasive isolates (according to EUCAST criteria)

    8) Geographic distributions

    Comments: Both serogroups B and C show comparable (sporadic) spatial distributions; spatial clustering of B:P1.7-2,4:F1-5 has markedly decreased.  Finetype C:P1.5,2:F3-3 displays a random distribution. Maps were generated using EpiScanGIS.

    9) Publications of the NRZM

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