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    Institut für Hygiene und Mikrobiologie

    Team Members

    Prof. Dr. U. Vogel

    Tel.: ++49 931-31-46802
    Fax: ++49 931-31-46445

    PD Dr. Heike Claus

    Tel.: ++49 931-31-46936
    Fax: ++49 931-31-46445

    Dr. med. Thiên-Trí Lâm

    Tel.: ++49 931-31-46737
    Fax: ++49 931-31-46445

    Dr. med. Manuel Krone

    Tel.: ++49 931-31-88040



    Mrs. Sabrina Hebling

    Mrs. Alexandra Sikora

    Medical students

    cand. med. Hannah Hill. Topic: Surveillance of SSI post mastectomy and caesarean section

    cand. med. dent. Charlotte Polzin: Establishment of screening tools for linezolid-resistant enterococci

    cand. med. dent. Sebastian Nürnberger (dentist): Identification and antimicrobial resistance of H. influenzae

    (as of Oct. 5th, 2019)